Mauro Sigura quartet, Italy

Mauro Sigura – oud, bouzouki
Gianfranco Fedele – piano, electronics
Tancredi Emmi – double bass
Alessandro Cau – drums

Born in Turin, Mauro Sigura first obtained a degree in philosophy. Then he started working as a musician, playing guitar and bouzouki in Turin’s clubs. Since those first steps, he has always been interested in jazz and world music. In 2003 he started his collaboration with the folk band Vinagro and just within a year they recorded an album (Venti di Mari) and won the Greenage festival, one of the most important competitions for young musicians of Northern Italy.
In 2005, Mauro Sigura moved to Sardinia and immersed himself into the Sardinian folk and jazz sound. In 2009 he started to learn to play oud and Turkish music and in 2011 Mauro joined the multiethnic orchestra of Porta Palazzo. The next ensemble he began playing and recording with, was Agricantus – the most famous Italian world-music band.
Mauro Sigura has performed at many festivals – European Jazz Expo, Cala Gonone Jazz, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Nisville Jazz Festival, Santa Fiora in Musica, Dromos Festival, DIM – Osaka, Tokyo. He has toured Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Japan.
In 2013 Mauro met Gianfranco Fedele, Tancredi Emmi and Alessandro Cau, and they started working at the project MAURO SIGURA QUARTET, creating together music that combines the sound of Mediterranean sea and the African rhythms with the traces of the North European jazz. The quartet released 2 albums with the label S’ardmusic/Egea: The Color Identity (2016) and TerraVetro (2020).
Mauro Sigura has won the Mario Cervo Record Award for Best album made in Sardinia twice – the second win was in 2020 exactly for TerraVetro.
Chris May writes for ALL ABOUT JAZZ that “…Sigura and his band have their own voice and it’s one worth listening to”.