Concert for Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Trio and Solo Trombone

MEETING IN A FAIRYTALE… with the music of Yossif Tzankov
Velislav Stoyanov – trombone
Milen Koukosharov – piano
Boris Taslev – double bass
Atanas Popov – drums
String Ensemble from the Symphony Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio
Conducted by Lyubomir Denev Jr.

Meeting in a Fairytale is one of the projects of Velislav Stoyanov – a trombonist, composer and arranger who has the mission to bring his grandfather‘s music close to the present days with a little help from some of the finest Bulgarian musicians such as Milen Koukosharov. The talented pianist and composer, who was awarded the Askeer’ 2023 for best theatrical music, made the arrangements of selected songs and pieces by Yossif Tzankov brilliantly including the strings of the Symphony Orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio.

Yossif Tzankov or Yoji, as he was called by his friends and relatives, is an epoch in Bulgarian music. Rising to fame in 1930’ he had formed or participated in the formation of the musical taste of his contemporaries for decades. He composed over 500 works that have been performed, recorded and, most importantly, loved by the audience. Yossif Tzankov’s musical treasury consists of six operettas, many tangos, favorite melodies in different rhythms and styles, pop songs, music for movies. As one of the founders of the Bulgarian National Radio (at that time called Radio Sofia), he was there to creatively manage the start of many musical and children programs. Composer-in-residence at the Odeon Theater and longtime Editor-in-Chief of Balkanton, Yossif Tsankov left us songs that have been performed and included in albums of world famous foreign artists such as Josephine Baker, Claudio Villa, Arturo Testa, Siegfried Valendi, Yosif Kobzon, Gilbert Becaud. During World War II, American and British soldiers who were fighting against Rommel’s troops in the Sahara desert, were greeted each and every morning with Yossif Tsankov’s Caravan, broadcast on Radio London (now BBC). Every Bulgarian has their own story with some of the songs or melodies of Yossif Tzankov.

Milen Koukosharov catches that magic and, with all due respect, brings these unforgettable melodies close to the present without losing any of their beauty. He combines, in a really impressive way, the essence of Yossif Tzankov’s music and the musical expression of that time with contemporary jazz.
Velislav Stoyanov has graduated from the National School of Music and the National Academy of Music in Sofia. Throughout the years, he had played in many bands – Infinity, Wikeda, Kaffe, to name a few. He is still part of Misho Yossifov’s sextet, RomaNeno project and many more. He is one of the founders of the Project of Bulgarian Brass Association. He teaches, leads brass bands, releases albums with The Essential Funk Trombone.