Sheki Hoxha & friends, Kosovo

Sheki Hoxha – bass
Donika Dugolli – vocal
Arian Randobrava – saxophone
Driton Bejta – guitar
Tomor Shkoza – drums

Shefqet “Sheki” Hoxha is a prominent musician who has been an integral part of the music scene with a career spanning several decades. Having played with numerous bands and ensembles, he has developed a deep understanding of groove and rhythm. His unique style blends elements of jazz, rock, funk, and world music. Sheki has been a part of projects that have received silver, gold, and platinum album awards in former Yugoslavia. He has been the bass guitar player of the Big Band of Radio Television Kosovo and for decades has been active in mentoring and tutoring younger generations in classical guitar and electric bass. He has performed with many world class artists in jazz festivals and has recorded albums in London, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia, Tirana, etc. Sheki has a special relation with Sofia, he not only used to live in the Bulgarian capital but would collaborate with the best Bulgarian jazz musicians. Nowadays he leads the Sheki and Friends playing Ethno Jazz based on ethnic music. Jazz guitarist and musicologist, Driton Bejta is one of the most prominent Jazz musicians in Kosovo and beyond. He studied jazz guitar and pedagogy in Sweden. Currently, Driton Beita is teaching improvisation at the Faculty of Music, University of Pristina and at the Faculty of Musicology, AAB College. He holds a series of masterclasses Jazz and Folk locally and internationally. His concert career is rich, based on his experience, stylistic versatility and the good knowledge of Albanian and Balkan folk music and how to blend it with jazz.
Arian Randobrava is an accomplished musician with a passion both for jazz and classical music. He established himself as a versatile saxophonist capable of delivering powerful and expressive performances. As an educator, he is a respected figure in the music community. As an improviser, he is known for his ability to take risks and push the boundaries of his craft. His improvisational style draws from a variety of influences, including jazz, blues, and world music, resulting in a unique and captivating sound that is all his own.
Donika Dugolli is one of the new voices on the Kosovo jazz scene. She studied Music Education in the University of Prishtina‘s Faculty of Arts/Music Department. She started to sing in different local pop and rock bands in events and festivals in Kosovo. Donika is also the lead singer of some jazz formations like “Jazz Trio” invited to perform at the “Peja Jazz Fest” (2020). This Jazz Trio was formed during Dugolli’s studies in the class of “Jazz Improvisation” with prof. Driton Bejta.
With a passion for jazz, latin and pop music, Tomor Shkoza is a true musical chameleon, able to adapt to any style and bring his own unique voice to the music. With a keen sense of rhythm and a mastery of the drum kit, in jazz society, Tomor is known for his ability to lay down complex and intricate rhythms, driving the music forward with precision and flair. In pop settings, he brings in his powerful and energetic style that adds depth and excitement to the music. His dedication to music and his ability to connect with audiences through his playing have made him a beloved figure in the music community.