Gasper Selko quintet, Slovenia

Gasper Selko – trumpet, piano
Ana Novak – violin
Patricija Malovrh Mlacnik – viola
Masa Tomc – cello
Manca Kozlovic – voice

Gašper Selko is an instrumentalist, composer and producer whose journey began at the Music School in Kamnik. Then he graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. His diverse range of musical interests and creative freedom have allowed him to develop a unique and innovative musical expression that spans various genres, including jazz, ethno, electronic, funk, hip-hop and even metal and contemporary art.
Throughout his career, Selko has collaborated with a wide range of artists and musicians demonstrating his versatility and adaptivity. He is a member of several bands including Leny Kravac and Barzak. Selko has also worked with renowned artists and groups such as Noctiferia, Shadow Universe, Igor Leonardi, Bowrain, Boris Cavazza, Borz, JaMirco, Damaris and the Domzale – Kamnik Symphony Orchestra. Gasper Selko has established himself as a dynamic and innovative force in the music industry, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music.
X.U.L is a project by Gašper Selko. Through the music he creates, we can perceive and hear sound patterns, elements and textures, ranging from contemporary classical music all the way to improvised electronic music. In the melodies and notes that at times remain in time and space, an eclectic musical expression develops, builds and collapses. X.U.L in its atmosphere and many repetitive patterns poses more questions and some answers to every listener who dares to indulge in his musical idea. With the release of his first album VOID – A Story about a Man (2019) and second – A Guide for Lost Travellers two years later, he had also begun a collaboration with the Icelandic musician and producer Frosti Jonsson. Their collaborative effort led to the release of Tengsl (2022) with its ethereal, hypnotizing vibe thanks to the repetitive minimalistic patterns and offers us a sonically soothing experience.

“I am here to share my music, my feelings…my life. And my language is music. So there is no end, just growth…” – says Gasper Selko. So everybody is invited to dive deep into his music…