Pokaz trio, Ukraine

POKAZ trio, Ukraine
Andrii Pokaz – piano
Igor Osipov – bass
Oleksandr Polyakov – drums

POKAZ trio is a contemporary jazz collective based in Odessa. Founded in 2016 by the academic pianist and composer Andrii Pokaz, who comes from a family with a long musical history, the trio launched a new wave in contemporary jazz in Ukraine. The trio successfully combines, in an innovative way, jazz, classical and ethnic music with electronic additions.

“Their stylistic references are spread from contemporary instrumental rock music to the “neoclassicism” of modern academic art – especially those associated with cinema or theater – and to the mediative canvases of Scandinavian improvisers from the end of the last century, based on European folklore intonations”Jazz.ru.

Their first album Kintsugi was released on the Norwegian jazz label Losen records in 2019. POKAZ trio had been spotted by the label during their performance at Jazzahead Forum.
The album was featured in the list of recommended recordings of Europe Jazz Media Chart. Pokaz trio also released a short video for the title track of the album together with the worldwide famous dancers from “Apache Crew”.

“In this album, pianist Andrew Pokaz presents a kind of dzen and the art of piano trio with blended local flavors from his hometown, multi-ethnic Odessa” – a quote from Jazzderigisi.com.

Since 2017 the trio is a resident ensemble of the leading jazz events in Ukraine (Leopolis Jazz Festival, Koktebel Jazz, etc.), and takes part in jazz festivals over Europe – in Poland (Bielska Zadymka Jazowa, Inne Brzmienia, etc.), in Lithuania (Klaipeda Castle Jazz, Siauliai Jazz), in Spain (Canarias Jazz & Más), Portugal (Outono em Jazz) and more. Pokaz Trio performed at Casa da Musica (Porto), BIMHUIS (Amsterdam), Matisse Jazz Club (Valencia), ZigZag (Berlin) and other jazz venues around Europe.

In March 2022 POKAZ trio released their latest single entitled Voices. “We felt that Ukraine needs to be heard and that is our manifestation of freedom” – explain the members of the band. Voices appear in Spotify’s top international jazz compilations.