Lucy Woodward, USA

Lucy Woodward – vocals
Jelle Roozenburg – guitar
Udo Pannekeet – bass
Niek de Bruijn – drums

Lucy was born in London and raised in the USA and The Netherlands. Her career began singing in NYC restaurants and coffee shops for tips at night while singing commercials and writing songs during the day. Lucy Woodward signed her first record deal with Atlantic Records in 2003 but left the pop world as fast as she came in which led her to further release 3 studio solo albums: Lucy Woodward Is…Hot and Bothered (Barnes & Noble), Hooked! (Verve Records) and Til They Bang on the Door (GroundUP Music).
Lucy recorded the song Too Hot to Last with Snarky Puppy and it has been viewed 1.4+ million times. Too Hot to Last is featured on Snarky Puppy’s Grammy-winning album Family Dinner – Vol. 1. Lucy Woodward has toured with them internationally on and off since 2012. She has also toured with Pink Martini filling in at the last minute so she had to quickly learn to sing in Croatian, Turkish and Japanese.
“Lucy is a deep, soulful vocalist who is as versatile and virtuosic as she is passionate”Michael League, Snarky Puppy.
Another important part of her musical story is singing background vocals with icons such as Rod Stewart, Céline Dion, Barbra Streisand, Joe Cocker and Chaka Khan. Her vocals and songs have contributed to movie soundtracks such as What a Girl Wants, Last Vegas, The Blindside and the Big Band Björk/Betty Hutton smash “It’s Oh So Quiet” from Disney’s Ice Princess. Lucy and legendary guitar virtuoso Charlie Hunter teamed up in 2018 touring extensively throughout the US and Europe, releasing two albums together, both full of blues and vintage pop songs refashioned with deep grooves.
Lucy Woodward also performs with Big Bands across Europe and the US such as WDR Big Band and Frankfurt Radio Big Band. She gives vocal workshops to students and young professionals. Lucy continues to tour Europe with her own projects and will be releasing new music in the coming year, including her fifth studio solo album Stories From The Dust, co-produced by Grammy-winning producer David Garza.
Woodward owns them all with her soul-drenched voice, a slow burn that occasionally erupts into a Mavis Staples-style inferno.ALL ABOUT JAZZ